A Wedding in Rome

Get Married in Rome – The Eternal City ! A wedding in Rome lends ‘ Eternity’ to your marriage. You can choose to get married in a 2000 year old Civil Hall, in a hall with masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, in an ancient 4th century Roman church, or in the Vatican City, next door to the Sistine Chapel. Rome is Italy’s treasure trove, wedding locations make a perfect backdrop to a moving and romantic wedding. Whether you choose a Civil or Religious ceremony, there is no other city where you could find quite the same mix of romance, elegance, history and energy.

Rome, as well as being the capital of Italy, is the capital of the region of Lazio, and Italy’s largest city with endless ‘must-see’ attractions and experiences for the visitor. Rome is also the perfect base for an Italian Honeymoon, from here, your can venture forth to explore the heartland of the Etruscan Empire, into Umbria and Tuscany. To the south are the Castelli Romani and the vineyards of Frascati. A beautiful landscape of terraced hills and lakes, with excellent rustic restaurants and opportunities to visit the markets, cheese producers and taste the fine wines of Frascati.


Perhaps you will be tempted to explore designer outlets with top Italian names, or see the famous spas at Fiuggi. Within easy reach are delightful villages, famous archaeological sites, and pretty coastal resorts and fishing villages. A Roman wedding and Honeymoon is the perfect way to begin married life together.


Rome has been the centre of civilizations since ancient times, and its eternal beauty makes it one of the most exciting wedding destinations in Europe. Imagine your wedding album with the incredible pictures of the Coliseum or Roman Forum in the background. Rome is just INCREDIBLE !  – In the heart of the city, Civil weddings can be performed in the famous Campidoglio, part of one of the historical seven hills of Rome. Since the earliest times, this site was the epicentre of the Roman Empire, and location of  its   most sacred temples, including the Temple of   Jupiter. Weddings are performed in a  Palace which has been the seat  of   Civic Administration since the 12th century. The interior is Renaissance style with period furnishings and rich tapestries. The marriage hall can hold a large number of guests.


Only Civil Weddings can be performed here   and only at weekends.   All year round. The ceremony is brief, at most, 15 minutes.


The scale of the towering ruins of Rome’s most beautiful and luxurious public baths hints at their past splendour. They were inaugurated by Caracalla (Marcus Aurelius Antonius) in 217, and were used until the 6th century. They contained an athletic club, conference rooms, pool, shops, libraries and art galleries. Civil weddings can take place in a Roman monastery inside this ancient bath complex.

Just civil weddings are allowed, and the ceremony is performed in Italian with a translator. Possibility to enrich the ceremony with personalized vows or poems or readings. Classical music is welcomed.

VILLA LAIS Marriage Hall

This is the third possibility for a Civil Wedding in Rome . A delightful little chapel of a 19th century Villa. Frescoed walls and antique furniture in a small room (up to 25 guests) where a more relaxed atmosphere is found, and you have the time for a more leisurely ceremony, exchanging your own vows, and enjoying some classical music to enhance the occasion.

Your Reception in Rome

Perhaps you will chose a beautiful restaurant in a pleasing district of Rome about 20 minutes from the main historical centre. The venue is immersed in a gorgeous park full of antique Roman treasures and ancient ruins. The restaurant is very well known and beloved by Romans who have been visiting this place for very many decades.  Here you can choose to have music and dancing late into the night.  You could choose to have a Protestant or Symbolic ceremony in these beautiful gardens.

Or perhaps you would prefer an elegant and exclusive restaurant located in the very heart of Rome near the Coliseum and Roman Forum. An absolutely gorgeous venue ideal for any type of event, either small and intimate or large with many guests. Should you have 70 or more guests, we can arrange exclusivity of the function rooms at no additional rental charge.  As there are residential guests in the hotel, where this restaurant is located, it is not always possible to arrange music late into the evening, but this is something which can be discussed and negotiated at time of booking.

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