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We believe that ‘Weddings with Creativity’ is the perfect team to make your dream wedding in Venice come true.  Venice is a heavenly, romantic venue, and there are literally hundreds of ‘avenues’ to explore. Our knowledgeable and friendly team, comprising professionals who live in and around Venice, together with Yvonne in the UK can offer a comprehensive wedding planning service which, we have shown, time and again to be a winner when organising your wedding in Venice.   We speak your language, follow you as you make important decisions, advise, chat about, or just listen, as you plan your hairstyles, makeup, flowers and music.  We liaise, on your behalf, with our colleagues to make sure that your Religious or Civil ceremony is exactly as you would wish. With our special contacts, we can help you move things quickly where necessary, but above all, we make sure that nothing is left to chance.  Planning with precision and care down to the very last detail, so all you have to do is decide what you would like and enjoy getting ready to enjoy your special wedding day in Venice. Nothing is too much trouble and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with photographers, interpreters, caterers, and whatever it is that you feel you just have to have to make your day complete.  From a small intimate but special service to a large, formal gathering, if your dream is to get married in Venice, look no further. We are here to make your dream come true.

Weddings in Italy

To get married in Venice is perhaps the most romantic and unique experience in the world! To get married in Venice is to become a part of the magical, mystical atmosphere, which rises from the waters of the lagoon creating the perfect location for your Italian wedding.

Our team, located in Venice, are the most experienced wedding planners,specialising in destination weddings in Venice for many years. Weddings in Venice are fully customised and can meet any budget and requirements. Our great experience is testified by some of the most exclusive weddings planned in Venice with more than 300 guests.  Venice is the ideal city for weddings, either for small intimate ceremonies for just the Bride and Groom or for large events.  Here the help and support of a Wedding Planner is all important, and it is hard to beat the services of our team ‘on the spot’ in Venice. We have exclusive agreements with hotels, historical palaces, resorts, churches, reception venues, transportation and boat companies. You do not have to deal with up to 20 suppliers, you just deal with one, and in this way, you can ensure a perfect event, tailor-made for you, and benefit from the excellent rates which we have negotiated on your behalf. Our priority is to give you the special day  – the day of your dreams. Please do contact us for quotations.
Get married in Venice – Your wedding in Italy


Civil weddings in Venice are celebrated in the elegant Palazzo Cavalli along the Grand Canal, near Rialto Bridge. The atmosphere and the views are stunning. This is the perfect location for a small, intimate wedding ceremony. Should your wedding party exceed 70 guests, there are other locations we can suggest to you. It is possible to be married in Venice every day of the week, please do contact us for further information.

Our basic package for always includes:

Civil Ceremony performed in any of the suggested venues in Venice

Booking and fees of the marriage hall

Civil registrar or Mayor to perform the civil ceremony in Italian

English-speaking interpreter for the declaration of intent to marry the day before the wedding

English-speaking interpreter for the ceremony as required by law

Assistance to handle all Nulla Osta procedures with the UK Consulate in Italy

Payment of legal fees on your behalf to the UK Consulate ( as negotiated )

Our assistance with paperwork and legal requirements

Bouquet for the bride and button-hole for the groom

Co-ordination of the event

Wedding programme with schedule and useful phone numbers before departure.


A Catholic ceremony can only take place in a consecrated Roman Catholic Church.  The church and the state don’t have the same collaboration that is usual in the UK. Normally in church weddings in Italy, the couple will have performed a separate Civil service, normally in their home town. A possibility is to have a Catholic ceremony with civil bindings, which meets both religious and civil requirements. Please note that we require a month ( preferably two ) to prepare all the paperwork.

The couple must liaise with their priest in the UK ( pre-Cana ) in their home parish, and receive authorization from their home diocese to be married in Italy.  All documentation must then be sent ( via Creativity Travel ) to Italy for approval. Couples who wish to celebrate either a full mass or a simple blessing must have all the required documents. At least one member of the couple must be Catholic. If you have been married before,  you must have an annulment. 99 percent of Catholic weddings take place indoors in a church ( very few exceptions apply ).

Your Catholic wedding in Italy could take place in Venice in the crypt of San Marco in St Mark’s square (above ) or perhaps in the church of San Giacomo ( left )

Your reception could be in an intimate restaurant, or the terrace of a splendid hotel on the Grand Canal or perhaps in one of Venice’s ancient Palaces.


The Anglican Church and the Episcopalian Church are the two most predominant Protestant Churches in Italy. If you are a member of another Protestant Church, we will do our best to procure the right church for you. Whilst the Protestant Church has fewer requirements than the Catholic Church, you must still receive pre-marital counselling from your home parish.  The Protestant Church will also allow marriage blessings between couples of mixed religions without heavy paperwork or Nulla Osta.  The Protestant Church also allows for re-marriage without an annulment.

Multiculturalism is one of the elements which sustains Venetian culture. We are pleased to arrange Protestant, Jewish or Orthodox weddings in Venice in suitable and beautiful, romantic venues.


Throughout Venice there are wonderful, idyllic venues – the perfect place to celebrate your symbolic wedding, hidden gardens, gondolas, romantic palaces – the perfect solution for your symbolic wedding


Venetian weddings in historical palaces are amongst the most beautiful and exclusive wedding venues in Italy. Yet within reach of most budgets, be it the full ceremony or a symbolic wedding or a reception. Often held in the gardens ( hidden courtyards behind great gateways in central Venice ) or in one of the ancient, elegant rooms.

JEWISH WEDDINGS / Interfaith weddings  – You can get married in Italy

Jewish weddings in Venice are celebrated in the beautiful Jewish Temple on the north side of historical Venice. It is a really beautiful and ancient venue.  Please note that requests should be made months in advance !  It is also possible to arrange Interfaith weddings in Italy with a Reform/Progressive Rabbi – Please do contact us for details.

RECEPTIONS  -For that special reception after you get married in Italy

Your wedding reception in Venice could be in a top quality Venetian restaurant, with superb, creative cuisine, including such Venetian favurites as cuttlefish, risotto, artichokes, but with the emphasis on innovative interpretations of classic dishes.Aromatic wild herbs and vegetables are its speciality. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed. A more formal, excellent restaurant  ( considered to be the best in Venice ) is also a possibility – this elegant Venetian restaurant, where, in the 19th century, princes, dukes, countesses and other nobility dined, overlooks Piazza San Marco ( St. Mark’s Square )

Perhaps your choice is a charming ‘Pensione’ on the Zattere waterfront, one of the most wonderful of Venice – Located alongside a favourite walkway for Venetians and offering one of the most enchanting places to stay.

Perhaps you favour a restored 17th century palace on the Grand Canal  just a few steps from St Mark’s Square. A perfect blend of conventional charm, contemporary luxuries and breathtaking views. Or you may wish to hold your reception in Venice’s most celebrated hotel. A luxury 5 * hotel, set in spledid isolation on Giudecca Island , with its own garden setting, swimming pool and tennis court and wonderful views over the Venetian Lagoon.

So, from quiet and informal back street restaurants, where Cassanova once dined, to the height of luxury and exclusive dining, choose Venice for your perfect wedding and reception, planned for you by our team of experts on the spot !

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