Since I first visited Venice some 25 years ago, I have fallen more and more in love with this magical city.  Indeed the first time was in the height of summer and during the busiest time of the day and week (and during Italia ’90 World Cup) and I seem only to recall crowds (and pigeons)! – but, since then I have learned, and now know some of its wonderful secrets.

These are secrets which I would love to share with any couples choosing to marry in this most romantic of cities. Venice is unique. Of course, it cannot claim to be a low-budget destination, but it is inspiring, romantic and gives top quality and value for every Euro spent on creating unforgettable memories.



Once upon a time there was this land on the shores of the Adriatic sea, so inhospitable to man, it was the perfect barrier to hide from the Barbarian tribes conquering the Italian northeastern territories. Brave men and women, by boat, reached a small island today called “Torcello”, and built the first settlement which was to become “Venice”. It was the 7th century and they would never have imagined that they would give birth to one of the greatest miracles of mankind. Rising from the lagoon, the city of Venice, is the main destination wedding location in  Italy and, arguably, in the world. Venice is a miracle! A miracle built on a bed of wooden pylons driven into the ground. Over time these tree trunks have petrified and have created a bed of rock for churches and buildings. The New York Times once wrote “undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man”.

The best thing I ever did in Venice was to get lost in all those tiny passages, following the signs on the walls wondering if I would find my way back.  Watching the life of Venice, even the dustmen seem glamorous ! – To watch the fish market very early in the morning or to catch the last (water) bus home and see the shores lit up and preparing for sleep, as the residents, a lady with her poodle, couples returning from the theatre, workers longing for home after an evening’s work.  The excited chatter silences and just the lapping of the water against the shadowy buildings as you make your way back to your lodgings. – That’s Venice.

Venice has so much to offer for a special wedding, from a Symbolic Ceremony, perhaps in a courtyard garden or on a gondola under a bridge to a Civil Ceremony in the Marriage Hall (Palazzo Cavalli). Or,  a wonderful Catholic ceremony in one of Venice’s most beautiful churches.  Receptions may be in small intimate family run restaurants or in one of the magnificent 5 Star Hotels overlooking The Grand Canal. You can even party on a boat !   Venice is simply magical and I can think of no  more fantastic city in which to plan the perfect destination wedding.

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