Weddings in Tuscany

Get married in Tuscany for an irresistible wedding album of romantic landscapes. A wedding in the Chianti region: famous throughout the world for its excellent red wines, hillside vineyards, olive groves and cypresses. Tuscany is one of the favourite destinations for weddings in Italy. We can help you choose the perfect setting for your Tuscan wedding, whether it is just the two of you or planning a 250 guest event ! For the Honeymoon couple, and for family and friends, we have some rather special opportunities to enjoy the Tuscan food and wines, with winetasting, and even some cookery lessons in a 13th century farmhouse with an Italian family !

A Castle in Tuscany

Set in the very heart of Chianti , this castle has the most enchanting views you can ever imagine! It is owned by a wonderful family, who are both welcoming and enthusiastic. A gorgeous garden surrounds the castle, and beside the castle there was a big farmhouse, which is now transformed into beautiful apartments conserving the feel of old Tuscan houses. The food is home made and you will taste great wines and oils produced on site. From here you can easily reach Florence and San Gimignano. There is the opportunity for both small, intimate weddings inside the courtyard or one of the lovely interior rooms or you can have an elegant and splendid wedding of up to 200 guests.  Imagine being able to arrive with your family and friends, all stay in delightful apartments on the site, to enjoy a barbecue the night before the wedding and then spend a day in this impressive and exclusive castle, with a ceremony which can be Civil or Anglican in the grounds and a fabulous torch lit reception with the possibility to dance until dawn, at affordable prices. A feeling of being remote and rural and yet only 15 minutes from a major route with good access to Pisa and Florence and Rome airports.

Certaldo in Chianti

Civil weddings in Certaldo are celebrated in the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio, a charming 13th century building. The facade, entrance-hall and courtyard are decorated with crests and coats of arms made of glazed earthenware from the bottega dei Della Robbia. Only Civil weddings are allowed and they are performed by the Mayor of the town or the Civil Registrar. You can add personal vows, readings and poems to the ceremony and flower arrangements can be incorporated to your personal taste and specifications. The marriage hall ( inside ) can accommodate up to 50 guests.  It is possible to hold the ceremony in the outdoor courtyard. Any classical music is permitted and a harp or violin is recommended as the most appropriate to create a special ambience, one that fills the silences, adds to the atmosphere, and yet doesn’t drown out conversation and voices.

Weddings can be held all year round, but it is not advisable to hold them during the Mercantia Festival or Boccacesca Festival (check with us for dates )  We have a coordinator and assistant living in Certaldo who can be on hand to give any assistance as necessary. This beautiful village, which dates back to Roman and Etruscan times is a pearl in the Tuscan crown, and is the perfect setting for a lifetime of wedding memories !

A Mediaeval Wedding in Siena

Civil weddings in Siena are celebrated Palazzo Pubblico, the focal point of Piazza del Campo. The palace is a Gothic building, which has served as Siena’s town hall since the 1300s, and now houses a civic museum containing frescoes of the greatest artists of the Senese school. Intimate, elegant and fabulous weddings can be planned in one of Italy’s most ancient and dramatic town halls. Only Civil weddings can be held here, performed by the Mayor of the town or Civil Registrar.

You are invited to add your own special vows, poems or readings, and add flowers or classical music of your choice to personalize the ceremony and make it your special day.  The marriage hall accommodates up to 70 guests, and ceremonies can be held all year round.  There is a coordinator and assistant living in the town who will be pleased to help in any way possible.  Please note that British nationals, whilst having completed the paperwork in advance, must arrive in Siena at least two days before the ceremony in order to swear a Declaration of Intent before the Civil Registrar of Siena.

Catholic weddings in Siena

Take place in the beautiful 14th Century Basilica dedicated to St Francis of Assisi. This is undoubtedly one of the most impressive churches of Siena.The interior is very bright with small chapels decorated with frescoes of Ambrogio Lorenzetti, The Church is located in the centre of Siena within walking distance of the Piazzo del Campo, and can hold up to 120 guests. Beautiful flower arrangements can be set to enrich the altar and church, and add the personal touch !  Organ music is available, and other classical music arranged subject to the priest’s approval. Weddings can take place all year round.     There is an English speaking priest to perform the ceremony, and the services of a Wedding Coordinator, and assistant available to help in any way necessary. Only Catholic ceremonies can take place in this church. Catholic weddings with Civil binding. Please contact us for a detailed explanation of procedures and the paperwork you need to complete.

Weddings in Castellina in Chianti

You can choose to get married in Castellina in Chianti.The old, charming historic centre is the perfect, romantic setting for weddings in the Chianti region, with its ancient Civic Hall, and beautifully decorated church. The wild hills of Castellina have been settled since 700 BC, and Castellina has been an important commercial centre since then. The history and landscape provide the perfect setting for a unique Tuscan wedding. Civil weddings are performed by the town Mayor in the mediaeval tower in the heart of Castellina. It is warm and charming and an authentic back-drop for a mediaeval Chianti wedding. You can add classical music and your choice of flowers to personalize the ceremony for your special day. Weddings can be held here all year round, and there is English speaking assistance on hand. The Civic Hall accommodates 30/40 persons.

Catholic weddings are celebrated in a beautiful 16th century church in Neo-Romantic style in the heart of Castellina.Inside the church you will find frescoes by the artist;Bicci di Lorenzo.The interior has aisles separated by pillars of semi-precious stone. It is therefore, the perfect setting for either a small group, retaining an intimate atmosphere, or for larger groups up to 100 persons. Only Catholic weddings are allowed in this beautiful church.  Flowers can be arranged to add your special touch. There is a modern organ with 40 pipes available, and any kind of church/classical music or classical instrument is allowed. Weddings can be held all year round, but mostly recommended from spring to Autumn. Please contact us for a detailed explanation of procedures and for the documentation which you need to complete.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano rises on a hill, dominating the Elsa valley with its towers, it began its life as a town in the 10th Century, taking its name from the Holy Bishop of Modena; St Gimignano, who is said to have saved the settlement from the barbarians. The town increased in wealth and was developed greatly during the Middle Ages, thanks to the ‘Via Francigena’ –  The trading and pilgrim route, which crossed through it. The towers date back to the 11th and 13th century, and the architecture is influenced by the neighbouring Tuscan cities of Pisa, Siena and Florence. Civil weddings are celebrated in the Palazzo della Podesta in Piazza del Duomo. Marriages take place in the picturesque Dante’s Hall, with its period furniture and beautiful frescoes. Weddings are performed by the Mayor of the town or Civil Registrar, and can take place from Monday to Saturday all year round, and can accommodate up to 100 guests. Of course, we welcome you to add your own personal choice of readings and vows, and your choice of floral arrangements and classical music.There are wonderful photographic opportunities with the mediaeval buildings as backdrop which will enchant you and your families for years to come.

Catholic weddings can take place in the centrally located, beautiful Gothic church. Please contact us for detailed information about the procedures, and documentation.

San Gimignano has no shortage of excellent venues for your reception, and family and friends may like to take the opportunity to spend some time here in the heart of Tuscany enjoying the fine food and wines, with perhaps some special winetasting or even a cookery lesson ! – Weddings in Tuscany can easily incorporate some unique cookery lessons, which take place in a 13th century farmhouse with an Italian family. We even offer some rather unusual Honeymoon cookery with, of course, special aphrodisiac recipes !!


‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ weddings. Cortona is the home of Frances Mayes, author of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ – best selling novel and well-loved film. Civil weddings in Cortona take place in the magnificent Sala del Governo in the historic Palazzo dei Capitani. Considered to be one of the most romantic towns in Tuscany, Cortona is not only the perfect location for your wedding but a wonderful location to begin your romantic honeymoon, under the Tuscan sun.

Pienza, Montalcino and Montepulciano

These three Tuscan towns are all recommended for their beautiful architecture, spectacular views, and fine food and wine, It all adds up to a perfect location for a Civil Italian wedding.  Contact us for details of venues for the ceremony, reception and, of course, your Honeymoon in Tuscany. Superb accommodation is available in small villa hotels, where you can relax, enjoy the views as you relax by the swimming pool. Of course, you might also like to take the chance to sample the great local fine wines, or perhaps, try your hand at Tuscan cuisine !

Poppi, Lucca and Arezzo

These three towns are amongst the most charming and famous of Tuscan cities, and for romantics who enjoy Mediaeval architecture, and perhaps, prefer to be away from the more ‘touristy’ areas. Civil weddings in Poppi, in the Cosentino mountains are celebrated in a beautiful mediaeval castle in the centre of the town, where you can add your own choice of flowers, and music, to personalise your special event.

The Civil Wedding Hall of Lucca is one of the most beautiful in the region of Tuscany, and there are various choices of rooms depending on the size of your party. A wedding in Lucca is perfect if you are spending a few days on the Italian Riviera or on some of the Tuscan beaches. If you are a lover of music, this is the birthplace of Puccini, writer of Italy’s most romantic operas such as ‘La Boheme’ and ‘Madame Butterfly’ – You can even take the opportunity to visit his house !

In Arezzo, the beautiful Palazzo Comunale in the main square ( set for scenes in Benigni’s ‘La Dolce Vita ) is the location for your Civil ceremony. The square is surrounded by noble buildings of varied architectural style. – What a setting for your wedding photographs ! As Arezzo is in the southernmost part of Tuscany, it tends to escape the majority of tourist so you can plan your very own private and elegant wedding in this most beautiful region.

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