Marry in Italy in 2013… A lucky marriage made to last !

Superstitions abound, and I am making very sure to put away the Christmas decorations (observing 12th night), dust down the office shelves and pop up the new calendar looking forward to a very lucky 2013 (touch wood)! Superstitious ? moi ? So, the Nativity crib is carefully stored, and the holly and mistletoe (surely Pagan) is consigned to the recycling bin.

It is a source of never ending pleasure to look at the different cultures, tastes, designs, foods, fads and trends, as well as traditions in different countries.  Haven’t really ever considered superstitions before, so 2013 is going to be a year of looking at the differences in folklore, myths and legends and superstitions between the UK (and USA) and Italy..

I am delighted to tell you that if you would very much like to get married this year, 2013, but are just a little squeamish about the date,  there is no better place than holding your wedding in beautiful and romantic Italy. 13 is most certainly not an unlucky number there!

Here in the UK, USA,  we may worry about the number of disciples at the Last Supper, or,  the number of witches in a coven or even think a little about Apollo 13’s unsuccessful mission (or even the ancient English worry about the traditional 13 steps leading up to the gallows) but how about just popping all that behind us and looking at a very lucky year for getting married in beautiful Italy?  Don’t even start this blogger off on worrying about Black Cats ! – Lucky or Unlucky ? Does it depend if they cross in front of you or walk away from you, and certainly let’s not consider them boarding a ship ! – worse than a lady doing that same thing !

I think, a marriage in Italy in 2013, could be a marriage made in Heaven, or a magical marriage,  and a marriage made to last, and I think we, between us, can look at the wonderful traditions, superstitions, and even the language of flowers and a few little bits of Feng shui, or just the trust and faith of a couple in love.  Watch this space for all sorts of ‘trivia’ folklore, and wedding traditions. I hope this is the year for you, and your perfect wedding in Italy.




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